Urban Gardens Exhibition, London Olympia 2004

A Sex and the City Garden.  Geo Designs to create a third show garden for Urban Gardens 2004 based around the character Carrie Bradshaw from the romantic sitcom.  The setting was evening time within a small courtyard garden. A four poster bed set above a reflective slab of Italian marble served as the main feature of the garden, which was richly adorned with scented climbing roses and a mattress of musky moss. A still pool, illuminated with candlelight, is set within a garden of climbers, mosses and ferns to create a sensual “Outdoor Bedroom”. A plasma screen displayed a roaring log fire in the background whilst a romantic operatic aria plays softly… the rest is left to your imagination.  Such was the media interest in the show garden that Ernest was invited by the producers of BBC Radio London to give a talk on the garden which was broadcast live, and featured on GMTV and Sky News on the first morning of the show.