A Haven in the NW Highlands

Our most recent garden design and build in Torridon in the NW Scottish Highlands has just been completed!  The garden includes a raised herb garden, a native hedge and trees, ornamental shrub and perennial border, slate and granite terrace, a series of pergola’s for climbing roses and honeysuckle and a small vegetable garden, complete with a Hartley Botanic greenhouse.

All planting has been carefully selected to include a natural windbreak of hornbeam, hawthorn, crab apple, willow and dog-rose. Native trees of downy birch, hawthorn and rowan, two hardy apples and a plum tree. A basket of culinary and medicinal herbs within the raised timber planters are already beginning to flower, the scent of the herbs is wonderful.

Set within the rugged and wild grandeur of the Torridon mountains, this beautiful little garden is set to mature and offers a refuge and oasis amidst an extremely challenging environment.

Before & After